The true market value of any piece of music gear can be determined on the Internet. A search for "guitar effects," "stompboxes," or "guitar pedals" will turn up websites that allow you to buy, sell, or auction pedals online. Ebay is a good site if you wish to auction, or just see what is being paid for used pedals. You need not actually bid to see the final selling prices. The prices in retail stores and on websites selling newly manufactured pedals indicate the value of a new or new-reissue pedal, enabling you to search for a bargain as an educated consumer. You often can do better than the retail store asking price.

The cost of a reissued effects pedal as compared to the value of a vintage original is something to consider in determining whether to fix or replace your oldie but goodie, or to buy a vintage pedal rather than a reissue. Rarity and collectiblity make a big difference in value. Don't accept hearsay or give credence to asking prices, particularly in retail stores - see for yourself what is actually being paid in final sales.

What is a BROKEN pedal worth?
Very little! - Try to sell one as-is, and see for yourself. Only an electronics engineer or technician with the knowledge, parts, and equipment required to fully restore a broken guitar pedal is likely to consider buying it at all. I may buy your broken Electro-Harmonix pedal if it is structurally intact. That means the printed circuit board is in good condition and the box is not dented, bent, deeply scratched, or rusted. Some paint scratching or minor rust is acceptable. You can contact me at

Is your pedal worth fixing?
If the approximate cost of a guitar pedal repair is less than the price of an exact replacement in the same condition, yes, get it fixed. An ethical repairperson should tell you when the cost of a repair will significantly exceed the value of your pedal, but better that you find out the value for yourself in advance.

Is your pedal worth modding?
If you want an added feature, or improved performance and/or appearance, of course it is. You'll have a custom pedal that cannot be bought in any music store, unless the store has technicians competent to do such work and will custom-mod it for you prior to sale. Keep in mind that music store personnel and amp technicians have far less understanding of how pedals work than an electronics engineer that specializes in their design and modification.

Having more than one custom modification done at a time on the same pedal saves you money. As the pedal must be opened, disassembled, and reassembled only once to do all the mods, the total labor is less than if they were done separately, and I pass this labor cost savings along to you.

Do mods increase a pedal's value?
Custom modification and cosmetic reconditioning can substantially increase the market value of a guitar pedal. To take advantage of this increased value when selling, an actual demonstration to the potential buyer goes a long way in showing him or her that the difference is worth the asking price.