PIGTRONIX Ė manufacturer of boutique quality guitar pedals. I am privileged to be the design engineer for this company, and my work is held to the highest standards. Although it has only been around a relatively few years, Pigtronix is making an incredible positive impact on the guitar effects scene. Performance, innovation, and state-of-the-art design and manufacturing quality are the keys to the success of Pigtronix.

Xvive -

Analog Manís Guide to Vintage Effects by Tom Hughes. There have been several books written about guitar effects pedals over the years, but this one is the best.

Electro-Harmonix - this name should be familiar! Electro-Harmonix started in 1968 with $1000 in capital, and went on to make history. True pedal pioneers!

Harmony Central Music Forums: Unmoderated Internet forums such as these are sometimes plagued with off-topic posts and flamers, but there are many sincere musicians and gearheads here too:

Guitar Effects Forum:

I cannot recommend a certain well-known "page" whose "moderators" have repeatedly been disrespectful and harshly punitive with those that post or advertise there. I for one reject rude, authoritarian treatment and will not support it. I advise against participation in this forum or the utilization of their services. a good place to buy and sell gear.