Let's say you had the opportunity to choose between two units of the same pedal, both of which sound and operate the same. One has a dirty box with scratched paint, and the other is clean, shiny, and looks like new. Which would you choose? Which would you pay more for?

The cleaner and newer-looking a guitar pedal is, even if it's an old vintage collectible, the cooler it looks and the greater its resale value. Most Electro-Harmonix pedals are housed in brushed nickel-steel enclosures, originally painted by silk-screening and lacquered to a high gloss. After years of rough use the paint is likely to be scratched, the gloss is gone, and there may be dirt and stains here and there. I can cosmetically recondition and relacquer the box to look LIKE NEW or almost so. Severe rusting, deep scratches, and dents or bends in the steel cannot be completely removed.